Fashion Friday!

Things That Make You Say “Yuck”

This “Yuck” list is a must to be aware of, because just when you think you are getting away with something, there is someone out there who will see you in this state.  Don’t let it happen, ladies.  The things on this list will not help your confidence at all.

  1. Ill-fitting clothes
  1. Chipped nail polish
  1. Bad breath
  1. Body odor
  1. Bad attitude
  1. Constant smoking
  1. Dark underwear under light color clothing
  1. Lipstick on teeth
  1. Over powering perfume
  1. Untidy hairstyle and weird colors
  1. Dragon lady length nails
  1. Tinted glasses worn indoors
  1. Carrying a worn out handbag
  1. Uncoordinated outfits
  1. Revealing or tight fitting outfits
  1. Skirts or pants that show off your underwear
  1. Dirty or scuffed shoes
  1. Skirts too short
  1. Strange colored contact lenses
  1. See through clothing
  1. No makeup
  1. Too much or outdated makeup
  1. inadequate underwear
  1. Too much/noisy jewelry
  1. Too many patterns in one outfit

Check this list and check it twice.  These are my opinions, so take what you like and leave the rest, if you dare.

Chevelle’s Style