Fashion Friday!

Black and White

Whenever you’re looking for a crisp clean, classic outfit, black and white is a great go-to color. Black and White is always in style.


You can match black and white with any other color. These are staple colors that everyone should have in their wardrobe.  You can never have too many pairs of black pants or too many white shirts.


And don’t stop with your clothing. Make sure you include black and white accessories and shoes. Remember, when in doubt, stick to the classics.













Fashion Fridays!

Fourteen Ways to Wear a White Shirt

I’ve found that a white shirt is one of the most important items to have in your wardrobe.  You can wear it with most anything.

Try to spend a decent amount of money on this item and even buy more than one, because there are those times when lunch or dinner will end up on it. Here are 14 ways to wear a white shirt.

Casually Classic: with flat front pants and Oxford or tennis shoes

white shirt

French Flair:  With dark denim jeans and heels

White shirt 1


Professional: With a tapered skirt and classic pumps

White shirt 2Beach Easy: With shorts and thong sandals.

White shirt 3

Sexy Miss: With a leather mini skirt

White shirt 4

Attention Grabber: With an unexpected color below the waist

White shirt 5

Pure Elegance: With black capris and ballet slippers

White shirt 6

Knotted: Tied over a shirt or slip dress

White shirt 7

Under Over: Worn under a V-neck or round-neck sweater worn with the collar out and cuffs turned back

White shirt 8

Sexy and Man style: Buttoned low and worn for evening under a menswear suit with high strappy sandals or heels

White shirt 9

Loose and Light: Untucked over narrow pants

White shirt 10

Denim Duo: With baggy jeans, cinched tightly at the waist and with sporty loafers or sandals


Accessorized: Open at the neck with several strands of beads

White shirt 11

White on White: With other white garments of varied textures

White shirt 12

Photos from Pinterest

Resources: Nordstroms, Lane Bryant

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