July, July, July-Do Ya Love Me?

💙❤💙 Well summer is happily zooming right along and July is already on the horizon. As June’s last days quietly fade away, July starts off with a bang-quite literally-with 4th of July fireworks commemorating our Independence Day.image

If you were dragging your feet about summer before, the smack-you-in-the-face heat is your reminder that July is the quintessential summer month. June was just the kick-off, and with August the school countdown looms large. But July is all about creating those summer vacation memories. Parades and picnics. Baseball games and barbecues. S’mores and swimming. And who could forget? Family reunions(sometimes with more fireworks than the 4th!) WeAreLogoDark-01

July is more than fireworks and red, white and blue bunting, It’s also national grilling, hotdog, ice cream, and watermelon month. A month with its own foods? Not too shabby! 
More fun facts about July, July is a long one–being one of 7 months with 31 days. July is also the 7th month on the calendar and is named after Julius Caesar himself-since he’s a famous birthday boy born in July. Ruby is the flashy birthstone, and water lilies and larkspur are the birth flowers.


The astrological signs are Cancer and Leo. It’s also the start of the Dog Days–the hottest time of year. (See my earlier post Dog Days here: Dog Days)  We all know July to be a toasty month, but that’s only here in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s a chilly one in the Southern. 

Being  a firecracker…err…July baby, I can’t imagine a “chilly” birthday. As a kid my birthday always rolled out the same. Hotter than a pistol, and I always got flipflops–(we called them thongs back then 😂 collective ewww….don’t get me started)–a kiddie pool, outdoor toys, and a new swimsuit. I used to wonder what my booty would have been if I’d had a fall, winter, or spring birthday. (I’m guessing Alice and Co. had July birthdays…I’d have happily celebrated an “un-birthday” in order to have some variety in those gifts…) 


However, with age comes wisdom, and that makes me pretty wise. So this year on my birthday I’m going to once again be celebrating with a plastic wading pool and pool toys. With my grandkiddos. I may just be dangling my feet, but I’ll be savoring every scorching July moment. 💙❤️💙

Here’s  to  55  more !  🎂



Wednesday Whimsy


June and all that Jazz…

What comes after May but shows up before July? June-that’s what! June alreadyWhere did the time go? 

June is the sixth month of the year and is thirty days long. 

Highly anticipated by kids and teachers as the beginning of summer break and the end of school year, June is the gateway to all things sunny. Swimming lessons, bike rides, lazy library days, drive-in movie nights, and Lemonade stands. 

June has its share of holidays, too. In June in the USA, we celebrate Flag Day🇺🇸, Father’s Day, and summer solstice (when the sun is at its northernmost point) or in layman’s termsthe longest day of sunlight in the year. And who doesn’t love more daylight?

June may have the most daylight hours of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, but also the shortest amount of daylight hours in the Southern. Our summer begins their winter season. 

More fun facts…

To quote famous lyrics…June is bustin’ out all over–but although there is a lot of blooming going on, June’s birth flower is actually the rose or honeysuckle. 

Birthstones for June include pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite; all which symbolize health and longevity. 

Babies born in June fall under the astrological signs of Gemini or Cancer. 

How did June get to be June? Well, June is believed to be named for the Roman goddess Juno…Jupiter’s wife, Queen of the gods, and also the Goddess of Marriage-(quite a resume there!) Therefore, a marriage in June is considered to be good luck! No wonder so many brides choose June. 

June means something different to everybody, but for me June is all about road-trippin’, s’mores season, book readin’, and family visitin’ time. And just to jazz it up so summer boredom doesn’t set in, we added a new puppy family member to the mix.  A Goldendoodle.  And because it’s that time of year, and because she is a little ray– we named her Sunny. 

How  will  you  Jazz  up  your  June?


Longfellow’s prose is a bit more polished than mine…

Mine is the Month of Roses;


 And mine The Month of Marriages!

All pleasant sights and scents,

 the fragrance of the blossoming vine,

The foliage of the valleys and the heights.

Mine are the longest days, the loveliest nights;

The mower’s scythe makes music to my ear;

I am the mother of all dear delights;

I am the fairest daughter of the year.

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

H a p p y  J u n e ! 🍉