Thrifty But Never Cheap

When you hear the words thrift store, what do you think of? Most people think junk, out of date clothing, dirty and smelly. Not all thrift stores are that way. If you are going to go thrift store shopping, you should search for the best in the area. Also, don’t forget
your local consignment shops. They are usually much cleaner, and carry more name  brand clothing items. You can find some gems in a thrift store or consignment shop, but you have to be willing to take your time and look through racks and racks of clothing.
Encore Encore, Highland Village
Other stores in the area:
Clothes Mentor
Thrift City
Plato’s Closet
Some thrift stores give a percentage off of certain color labeled clothing on specific days.  Knowing this will help you get the best for less.  Having shopped these stores before, I know that you will see some very interesting items.  Sometimes you may not even know what it is used for, but is hanging on a hanger.  Stay away from those items.
My daughters and I decided to go thrift and consignment store shopping to show you how you can put some pretty fashion forward outfits together using those items and adding items from your current wardrobe. I want women who may not be able to spend a lot of money on their wardrobe to know that they can still look current and stylish. You
just have to be creative. When shopping thrift stores and consignment shops, don’t get
discouraged if you don’t find something you like the first time. New items are coming in
all the time. Ask the clerk when their new shipments come in. You may have to revisit
a few times. Also that particular store may not be for you, so cross it off your list and move on. Today you can find consignment shops everywhere and most of them only take in certain designer clothing. Look for these types of stores, especially if you have a little
more money than time to look for what you want.
Mom 1.2.png
White jean jacket $8, Jeans $10
Mom 2.2.png
Jeans $10
Mom 5.1.png
Yellow jacket $11
Mom 6.1
Yellow jacket $11
Mom 9.1
Grey skirt $3, Jacket 8, Purse 8
Mom 10.1.png
Purse $8
Shena Pridgett
Shena 1.1
Black button down shirt $8, Patch from hot topic $3, Skirt $7
Shena 3.1.png
Added patch to match my skirt $3.50
Shena 4.1.png
Black cardigan $7
Shena 6.1.png
Black cardigan $7
Shena 7.1.png
Cloud button down $9
Shena 9.1.png
Cloud button down $9
Shena 10.1.png
Flannel shirt $5
Shena 11.1.png
Flannel shirt $5
Shira Pridgett
Shira 1.1
Marvel shirt $8
Shira 2.1.png
Marvel shirt $8
Shira 4.1.png
Flannel shirt $8
Shira 5.1
Blue and white striped shirt $6
Shira 6.1.png
Blue and white shirt $6
Shira 8.1.png
Black sequin leggings $6
Overalls 1.1.png
2 short jean overalls. They were both a dark denim.  The girls tie died them and this is how they came out.  They wore them to our church camp and they got so many compliments from their friends.
When I speak to women about fashion and style, I teach them how to know their body type and how to dress to accentuate their type. Then they should know how to mix and match clothing items to give the allusion that they have more clothing than they actually do. One of the first things I hear from women is, “I don’t have the money to add to my wardrobe”.  To have a great wardrobe, you don’t always have to buy expensive name brand clothing. You can mix it up a little. You may have a $20 dress that you bought from a discount store, but when you pair it with more expensive items you already have at home, that dress takes on a different look.
You don’t have to touch every item on the racks, at thrift stores, because there is so
much to look at. Just skim through the items and if the color or design doesn’t work for
you, pass it by and look for the colors and patterns that you would want to wear. At
consignment shops, things are bit more organized and you may want to look at all of
the items in the category you are shopping for. Also at consignment shops there are
usually associates there to assist you. Don’t be afraid you’ll be seen by your neighbor
in the thrift store, because if she’s there, she knows how to bargain shop just like you!
*   If you are overwhelmed by the size of a store, take a deep breath, look around and find the section you are most interested in and start there.
*  Know what sizes work for you! There may be great deals, but make sure you get the
items you’ll actually wear!
*  Consignment stores are like thrift shops, but have generally newer items.
*  Think about how you could upcycle your finds. Whether it’s little things like adding
patches or a pocket, or full out crafting like tie-dying!
*   Try to go when you have time! If you go when you’re in a rush, you may not be able to go through the whole store and find the thing you never knew you needed! You want to
be able to take your time to thoroughly look through and make decisions.
* Try to bring a friend or buddy to help you decide if you really need that REALLY
oversized shirt!
* Don’t hesitate to look in the men’s section! Things like flannel shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, etc. can definitely be styled if you do it right.
 *  There are tons of DIY’s on Pinterest that can help you make new treasures out of old
Thanks to my twin daughters, Shena and Shira for shopping with me and assisting me with this post.
Photos by Shena Pridgett