Pajama Party!

We’ve all seen people out and about wearing their pajama pants and t-shirts looking like they just got out of bed. It used to be the teens and college students wearing them as not to have to get dressed for early morning classes, but more adults are following suit.  Though the looks we’ve seen in the past were not always the best for the out-of-doors, this summer the Pajama dressing trend has hit the runways in a good way.  The trend has been around for a while, but not to this extreme.

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Some say Coco Chanel introduced lounging pajamas in the 1920’s and revolutionized pajamas for women.  They became a totally acceptable and fashionable alternative to the traditional long nightshirt and were worn on the beach as cover-ups, then gradually women started wearing them to cocktail parties.  The trend eventually became known as resort wear and women would wear them while on their boats on the weekend.

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This year, designers are pulling together some pajama-inspired looks that are fashionable enough to wear almost anywhere. (Just don’t don your fuzzy slippers with these outfits!)  I’m speaking of silk pajama-inspired shirts worn with jeans, silk robes to look like wrap dresses and pajama- inspired pants that you can wear with heels or tennis shoes.

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We all want to be comfortable in our clothing and still look great. I know, some of you are saying, “How dare they try to convince us that wearing pajamas outside is ok!” Fortunately, that’s not what they’re trying to get us to do at all.  You should save your worn out t-shirt and thick fuzzy pajama pants with the stains for the house.  Actually don’t save them.  It’s time to get rid of them and update your at-home pajamas as well.  I’m sure our significant others would appreciate it.  That includes me. I’ve started paying more attention to what I throw on when I get out of my work clothes after a long day.  It’s not about trying to be fancy at home, just being ok with someone dropping by and seeing you in whatever you decide to throw on.




Now back to the trend. You don’t have to step out in a full nightie to try this trend.  Pick one pajama- inspired item and pair it with your favorite clothing item.  Keep it simple and don’t try too hard. Forget cozy flannels and terry cloth-satiny fabrics take it to a sophisticated level.



I’ve shown you a few looks that I think are very inspiring and could give you a good idea of how to work this trend if you choose to.


Photos curtsey of Pinterest,, fascinationstreet and The Pajama Company