Fashion Fridays!

Monochromatic is the way to go, if you’re in a hurry and didn’t put an outfit together ahead of time, or if you want a classic look. You can’t go wrong with one color, and the color you choose does not have to match exactly.

If your closet is organized by color you should have an easier time choosing this look.

If you decide on a monochromatic look, remember to add a pop of color in one or more of your accessories. This will show that you did put some thought into it.

If you’re wearing all black, add a different color handbag or a different color shoe. Try something that is an opposite color to what you’re wearing.  You don’t want it to match, you want it to go together.

See some examples below:




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Monochromatic is the way to go!

Fashion Friday!

Monochromatic Looks

Sometimes you just want to stick with one color outfit and that’s ok. A monochromatic look can be a great change and is very fashion forward if you do it the right way.

Monochromatic looks can include different shades of one color as this gives your look a little variety and is more interesting.

But don’t shy away from wearing that one color, you love, from head to toe. Just add a pop of color in your accessories to break it up a bit. As always have fun with it!


Fashion Fridays!

Today I’m featuring one of my outfits.  A smokey grey dress with a black tie front shrug and a pair of silver pumps.  My jewelry is silver as well. This outfit is simple but stylish.  It’s a bit monochromatic with a touch of black.  Enjoy!