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Fashion Friday!

Fashion Friday Question:

Courtney – What are your thoughts on basics for a SAHM like myself? I can’t seem to find a good balance of comfort and style. And I’d love to see a post on for dressing kiddos! I never know when to splurge or when to pass.

Chevelle – Courtney, this is a great question. Stay at home Moms want to look stylish and fashion forward just like any other mom.  You have a job that never ends, but you can still be cute and comfortable while doing it.  You should stick to the basics.  Don’t try to over think what you’re going to wear each day.  Before you can select a wardrobe, you should consider what type of activities you’re involved in during the day.  Do you have little ones that you take to the park and on play dates for lunch or do you have school aged kids and you volunteer in some capacity at their school or somewhere else in the neighborhood? Your daily schedule will dictate what type of attire you should have.

As for dressing your little ones.  See my most recent blog post Baby Boy’s-Got-Swag.

Below are some basic examples to help you jump start your SAHM wardrobe.


  • Leggings in basic colors and prints
  • Tunics to wear with your leggings, because no matter what size you are, leggings are not pants


  • Blue jeans – whatever style fits you best


  • Palazzo pants – these are so comfortable and can easily be dressed up or down


  • T-shirts of different colors (especially a white one) – try to pay a little bit more for some of your T-shirts so they don’t wear out as fast. Also, they don’t have to be your basic t-shirts. You can find different styles and shapes depending on your body type


  • A few “pretty shirts”. These are shirts that you can add to your jeans, palazzo pants or leggings that dress them up a bit if you need to step out to an event.


  • Shoes are important. They can make or break your outfit. You should have a pair of trendy tennis shoes, ballet flats, sandals, a pair of comfortable heels and even a cute pair of flip flops. Think of your shoes as accessories to add a punch to your outfit.
  • A scarf and cute earrings can dress up a t-shirt without much thought.


  • A go-to dress (short or maxi) that is solid in color that can easily be dressed up with any accessories you might have on hand.  If you choose a print dress, be sure it goes with items you already have at home.


  • A jean jacket.  Whether its cool or not, a jean jacket can add a bit of class to a simple dress


Courtney,  I hope this is enough information to get you started on becoming one of the best dressed SAHM’s