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1950’s Swimwear, so nice!


Baby Boy’s-Got-Swag!

I’ve heard mothers say these words over and over again, “It is hard to find nice trendy clothing for baby boys”. I have all girls, so I never really had to search the stores for boys clothing, unless I was attending a baby shower for a little boy.  Now that I have a grandson, I do understand their concern.  Most of the stores stock jeans and t-shirts for boys and they don’t get any more creative than that, but after searching and searching, I’ve found that more and more stores are stepping up their game and stocking more trendy items for boys. H&M, J Crew, Old Navy, JC Penney, Gap Kids, TargetZara  and Walmart are just a few stores who have great items at good prices.

Even as a baby, we would search for items that were different to dress him in.


1st picture: Calvin Klein jacket from Burlington Coat Factory, shirt from Carters and boots from “Thrift world”

2nd picture:  Shirt from “Kid to Kid”, shorts from TJ Maxx, shoes from Old Navy


1st picture:  Outfit from Carters , shoes are his first Jordan’s from Foot locker

2nd picture:  shirt and vest from  JC Penney, shoes from Carters

We have always enjoyed dressing Mazin in fun trendy clothing and he loves the camera so we decided to shop his pictures around to a few modeling agencies to see if he would be a good fit for the baby modeling world. Low and behold, he was accepted by the “Clutts” agency in Dallas and has been featured in many clothing ads. He turns into a little professional when he’s on his photo shoots.



Although we do love to dress him in fun trendy clothing and shoes, he is not “dressed up” every day. He attends daycare daily so dressing comfortable is the name of the game during the week.


1st Picture:  Jacket from “Kid to Kid”, shirt and Jeans from H&M and new Addidas from Journeys

2nd picture:  Jean shirt from “Kid to Kid”, shirt and jeans from Old Navy, hat from H&M and tennis shoes from Zara

He does have to be “clean” when it comes to his church attire so that he can keep up with his “GP” who likes to wear bow ties and fedoras.


Suit from a facebook trading site, shoes from K&G Superstore and hat from Target


1st picture:  sweater and pants from “Kid to Kid”, bow tie and shoes from K&G Superstore and hat from Target

2nd picture:  Shirt from facebook trading site, shorts from Walmart, bot tie from “Kid to Kid” and shoes from “Wish” an online site


Shirt from H&M , bow tie from “Kid to Kid”, shorts from TJ Maxx and shoes from K&G Superstore

We do have fun trying new types of outfits on him, but we are aware that boys tend to get dirty easier than girls, because they like to play in the dirt and like to display their food on their clothing or on their head.  For this reason, we don’t always buy new clothing items and if we do, we try to save those for times when he won’t get as messy.


Both Outfits from H&M

We’ve learned that Mazin is a shoe guy.  He likes to wear his GP’s shoes and rearrange them in the closet.  He also likes to store his shoes in GP’s closet, so his mom has to check GP’s closet when his shoes are missing.


He not only likes to wear his tennis shoes, but he also likes sandals during the warm months. He can even tolerate the thong sandals with no problem.


Outfit from Old Navy


Shirt from Polo, shorts and shoes from Walmart


Shirt and shoes from Polo, shorts from Target

Boy’s shoes have evolved a lot over the years.  Tennis shoes are not the only shoes for boys.  There are bucks, sandals, loafers, and boots.  Mazin likes his cowboy boots that he got for his birthday.  He likes them so much that he puts them on with his pj’s after his bath at night.  He does have several pair of slippers, but there is something about those cowboy boots after a bath…..LOL


PJ’s from Walmart, boots from his “GP”

With consignment shops becoming a popular thing now-a-days, it makes it easier to find name brand items for less. One of the consignment shops we frequent in our neighborhood is “kid to kid”.  They carry a large selection of name brand clothing and shoes for kids. Other great online resources are Etsy,, Little Sprouts, and ThreadUP .


1st picture:  outfit from H&M, Jordans from Footlocker

2nd picture:  Outfit from Polo, Jordans from Footlocker

Your little one can also have “Swag” if you shop at the right places.  Whether you’re on a budget or have lots of extra to spend.  The sky is the limit, when it comes to shopping for little boys.

Resources:  H&M, J Crew, Old Navy, JC Penney, Gap Kids, TargetZara  and Walmart

Online Resources:  Etsy,, Little Sprouts, and ThreadUP .