Fashion Friday!

There are days when we don’t feel like styling our hair. Whether it’s a timing thing or a bad hair day, we need an alternative. But sometimes it has nothing to do with timing or whether our hair is display ready.

Because there are so many pretty scarves and head wraps available, it’s nice to wear one “just because” as a fashion statement. You can learn how to tie a scarf for that fashion forward look or purchase a head wraps that is already tied for you and all you have to do is put it on.

There are so many different ways to tie your head wraps. If you are intimidated, go to YouTube where you will find lots of how-to videos.

I love them and they’re my go-to look, just for fun. See some beautiful examples below. Again, have fun with it.



Fashion Friday!


Blazers have been a staple of business women for a while, but this fall we see the Blazer trend being worn by everyone and for many occasions. Dress them up or down.


Wear them as jackets or dresses. Mix and match them with different color and style skirts, jeans or dress pants, or match them as two piece outfits head to toe.


Single breasted or double breasted, take your pick, depending on your body type. If you are top heavy, stay clear of double breasted blazers, because they make you look larger. A single breasted blazer will give you a slimmer look. Below are a few examples.