Fashion Friday!

Fun Pretty Flats

These flats can dress up any summer outfit. Don’t shy away from flats for a special occasion, especially if it’s an occasion where you will be standing a lot. Flats can be as dressy as heels in some settings. If I wear heels to an outing, I always bring along a pair of flats that will go with that outfit, in case my feet get tired. Don’t just bring a pair of flip flops, unless they go well with your outfit. These little things can make a difference in your personal style. As always, have fun.

Fashion Friday!

Embellished flat sandals and slides are HOT this season.  First of all, flats are popular, because we are considering comfort when it comes to our fashion now.  Second, we realize now that we don’t have to wear 4 inch heels, that hurt our feet, to look dressed up and fashionable.


There are so many variations of embellished sandals and slides to choose from.  No matter your style, there is something in stores for you.  Some are embellished with bows, some with tassels, some with jewels and some with pearls.  There is no limit as to the embellishments you might find.


For those of you who don’t like to go shopping, many of these shoes can be found online.  Just Google Embellished sandals and slides and you can find a large number of online stores to choose from.  “Amazon” is a great place to start and if you like to shop consignment then try “Poshmark”.

See some examples below.












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