Happy Valentines Day 🖤


⛅️ This is a throwback post because it’s that time of year again…🙂


New year means shiny new pristine calendar.  And lucky for me, my favorite son-in-law just happened to give me an awesome calendar for Christmas. It’s spiral-bound, opens flat, and thanks to pockets, has a place for everything and everything in its place, and, drum roll please…my favorite part, stickers!  I’m sharpie-challenged so the stickers are a real boon for mapping out my exciting life, which mostly consists of appointments, to-dos, activities, and holidays. And who doesn’t love a good holiday? Thanks to the greeting card folks, every month has its own festive celebration, and everyone is partial to one holiday or another.  In keeping with bucking the tide, my holiday of choice is, and has always been, Groundhog Day.


Most folks pass Groundhog Day by without so much as a blink, indifferent to Pennsylvania’s own Punxsutawney Phil and his weatherman-for-a-day predictions. In 1993, the beloved movie, starring Bill Murray brought Groundhog Day out of the shadows, (pun intended). Finally someone was shining the light on my day! Groundhog Day is a bright light in the doldrums of winter. I suppose if I had to live the same day over and over like “Phil Connors” in the movie, I’d get sick of Groundhog Day too.  But I doubt it.


I was already a fan at a young age, but when we moved to Idaho, an event there sealed my fate as Groundhog Days lifelong, number-one celebrant. When I was a little girl, the Methodist church would host an annual “Groundhog Feed”. Every February 2, the Methodist men cooked and served up a hearty breakfast for the masses: pancakes, hash browns, eggs, and the piece de resistance, the “ground” hog, which, surprisingly to my 2nd grade self, was sausage. (Of course, genius!)  I could not believe my luck. Groupies! I was in (ground) hog heaven.


Past holidays had consisted of coloring a groundhog picture at school, or fashioning a groundhog out of construction paper, who would then be attached to a popsicle stick so he could pop up out of a solo cup or shoebox, and “pretend” forecast the next six weeks. These Methodists were taking Groundhog Day to a whole new level, and I was all in.


Surveys show most folks prefer other holidays- any holiday in fact. Groundhog Day didn’t make the top ten-or twenty-or thirty- sadly it’s number 43 as far as holidays go. I’d like to add some sway for those folks, or anyone on the fence, to reconsider Groundhog Day as your holiday of choice. The first great thing about it is, it’s the only holiday with a mystery. ???  To see, or not to see…will he see his shadow and thereby predict a long winter, (dun, dun, dun…) or no shadow, and happy spring? Better than a fortune cookie, and more reliable. The second great thing is that Groundhog Day is the perfect lazy-mans holiday. No shopping, no wrapping, no hours of baking.  As long as you have at least one meal with some “ground” hog, you’re golden.  (mmmm, golden…) Last but not least,  you don’t even have to have your own groundhog!  You can watch Phil do his thing at Gobblers Knob in PA on TV, or you can call in a pinch hitter.  In our family, that honor goes to Jellybean the cat.  She’s an indoor cat, but annually we trek her outdoors as our groundhog doppelgänger, and she uses her mad skills to make her predictions.  And she’s never been wrong-well cats never are, are they?


Whether it’s spring come early, or six more wintry weeks, Groundhog Day comes but once a year. Sure, other holidays may have special gifts, cards, wrap, themes, songs, candy, traditions and foods. None of that claptrap with Groundhog Day. (Do you know how hard it is to even find groundhog party supplies? I get it’s a niche market, but seriously?) No fuss, no muss.  A holiday I can really sink my teeth into.  And you can bet I will. Sink my teeth into, that is…some ‘ground” hog goodness this February 2nd. And JB will make her prediction, but I’ll be tuning in to Phil too, just in case.  And I’ll watch the movie.  Because there’s no Peanuts cartoon to commemorate this special day.  Maybe some day… Till then, you can bet I’ll be sharpie markin’ the days on my spankin’ new calendar with childlike anticipation.


The color of springtime is in the flowers, the color of winter is in the imagination.

~Terri Guillemets

Fashion Friday!

I thought this would be a great time to repost my Holiday post from last year.  Enjoy!

Dress for the Holiday, don’t become the Holiday!

With the Holidays around the corner, the stores are already stocking their shelves with Holiday décor and Holiday attire. Among the attire are those wonderful Holiday sweaters and leggings and socks and earrings and necklaces and hats and scarves and so on and so on and so on. Some of them are in beautiful colors and come in 3D. Some of them light up and may even glow in the dark. You may even find some that speak to you, if you push a button or two. Well, like I’ve said in the past, just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean you have to follow it.


I don’t want to offend any of you who love to wear your Holiday sweaters and other Holiday attire, but it is not fashion forward. If you want to look festive for the Holidays you can dress in the colors of the Holiday and look very festive without looking like you ARE the Holiday!!! Some people get confused believing that if it is Halloween they should wear their Halloween sweater or shirt, or pants or whatever during the week of Halloween…..Nooooooo, stop it, don’t do it. Unless you are a kindergarten or pre-school teacher wearing them to school to amuse your class or giving a Halloween party for kids or going to an ugly Holiday sweater party, don’t do it; at least not if you are trying to be in anyway fashion forward. Although, My husband had a valid point. He said even the kindergarten teachers can amuse their kids with their bulletin board décor and leave the Holiday attire at home. I at least gave them a reprieve.


I have to be honest, there was a time in the past when I wore a Holiday sweater or shirt.  I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but you need to know that no one is perfect and I have since repented…. 🙂  We all must grow when it comes to our fashion sense.  We must learn from our mistakes and vow never to do them again.

There are so many ways to dress for the Holidays and look festive and fashion forward and I will show you how. Always start with the colors of the Holiday. You can mix and match them in so many different ways. Be creative. Remember what your style is. If you are a person that likes to dress in a Boho style, you can still dress that way in your Holiday colors. If your style is romantic, stick to that style, but use the colors of the Holiday. Don’t lose yourself in the Holiday. Still be you. Fashion is about always being true to who you are no matter what, but adapting to the situation.

Halloween Stylin:


I’m not going to give you a visual of what not to wear, because I’m afraid some of you may take those ideas and run with them, so I’ll keep those to myself.  I’ll just show you how to look your fabulous Holiday best and no one will mistake you for actually being the Holiday.

Christmas Stylin:


After seeing these alternatives, I hope you now know that dressing for the Holidays can be fun and easy.  You don’t have to purchase all of the Holiday paraphernalia to be festive.  Have fun, but keep it simple.  Don’t lose your since of style no matter what Holiday is around the corner.