Fashion Friday!

Out On The Town!

My husband and I have always enjoyed our date nights. Since our four girls were little we’ve found that extra time to spend alone and just enjoy each other’s company.  Sometimes it’s a dinner and a movie and other times it might be going out for ice cream and taking a long ride.  It’s not always easy to find that extra time, but it is so worth it, especially when you have little ones.


You have to find a date on the calendar that you think might work, look for a baby sitter, negotiate the rate and DECIDE WHAT TO WEAR.  Yes, I put those words in all caps, because sometimes as women we forget when we go on a date with our husbands or boyfriends that we can dress up a little.  We don’t have to go overboard, but dressing to impress your loved one and to boost your self esteem is a great idea.


You can leave the large baby bags at home. You don’t have to carry a handbag with everyone else’s stuff in it, whether large or small, and you don’t have to wear your everyday lounge around the house clothing. If you are a stay at home Mom, you may not dress up everyday, so this gives  you a great opportunity to show off your true style.


Why not wear your favorite jeans and t-shirt, but dress it up a little with some sexy heels and a cute jacket or scarf? You can also wear your go-to summer dress with sandals or your go-to winter dress with boots and a trendy handbag.


Don’t forget about the accessories.  They are just as important as the outfit.  If you don’t wear earrings often during the week, change it up for your date night and add a simple pair of studs or hoops.  If you’re like me and love to wear jewelry on a regular basis, just change it up a bit or wear less to show a simpler look.


Of course, your attire will depend on where you’re going on your date night, but just remember to look your best. Make this a night or day to feel special.  Not that you don’t feel special already, but think of it as a time to impress your significant other and increase your self-esteem.



If you’re going out for pizza, you don’t have to wear your little black dress with pearls and heels. You may get a few stares at the restaurant.  Dress for the occasion.  Flats can be just as cute as heels.  There are lots of different styles of flats that are trendy today.  Some with embellishments and some not.


Tennis shoes can also be worn on your date night as long as they are not the ones you wear to work in your garden.  They should be clean and appropriate for your outfit and appropriate for your destination.


Maxi dresses are great for date nights as well, as they are very comfortable and forgiving depending on the style.  Remember to dress for your body type and stick to your style.  Don’t try to be someone else.  Dress to be the best “you” that you can be.


Enjoy your date night!

Fashion Friday!

Summer Feet

I was at the salon this week getting my bimonthly manicure and pedicure when I thought about all of the cute sandals that I want to wear this summer.  As my nail lady massaged my feet and applied a great smelling foot scrub, I realized how important it is to take care of my feet if I want my feet to look good in my summer shoes.




Our feet and hands are just as important as the clothing we wear.  They can make or break an outfit.  There are so many different color combinations and nail art that can give us whatever look we are going for.





We should only wear sandals that fit properly .  Toes should not hang over front of our shoe nor should our heels spill over the back of the shoe.

Toes should be either perfectly polished (no chips) or nail polish free.  If you can’t go to the salon and get a pedicure, you can always do it yourself.


Heels should be pumiced to reduce hard yellow calluses.  Scaly, rough looking heels are a turn off and take away from the look of your shoes.  There are many do it yourself feet scrubs that can be used to give you that smooth, clean look. I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial for the Amope foot pedicure tool.  It’s the one that shaves all of the dead skin from your heels.  I decided to purchase it and try it out. It actually does work.  I was very satisfied with my results.  You can use it on dry or wet skin.  Also, shave the hairs off your toes if it is more than fluff.




Never ever wear hosiery with sandals.  It’s not a good look and it’s hard to walk with your feet sliding because of the hosiery.  Have corns attended to by a podiatrist, if necessary.

Remove toe rings toward the end of the day if your toes have a tendency to swell.


Treat your feet regularly with foot soap if you suffer with ‘smelly feet’.

Pamper yourself with regular pedicures this summer so that your feet will look great in those great summer sandals.

Fashion Fridays!

It’s time to “Spring Forward”.  Not only by moving the clock forward one hour, but also by pulling out our spring attire.  One of my first go-to items is the spring dress.  It’s so easy to work with and easy to accessorize.  We should all have at least one go-to dress in our wardrobe.  You know, that one that you can throw on without ironing when you have a last minute engagement?  That one that you can dress up or down with heels or flats?  This summer don’t forget about the tennis shoes.  They’re a hot go-to shoe to wear with your cute summer dress.  I’ve selected a few examples below to get your summer dress ideas flowing: