Relaxed and Flowy!

Comfort and Style are two words that usually don’t go together, but why?  There is no reason why they can’t.  There are many styles today that are very stylish and very comfortable as well.  I think what is meant by “Style and Fashion don’t go together” is that not every stylish outfit you wear will fit with the most comfort.  That includes your clothes down to your shoes.  Now of course you don’t want to walk around hurting just to look good and that’s not the point either, but just know that not every outfit will fit like your comfy PJ’s or your favorite sweats.


I do believe that we should feel good in whatever we wear, so be sure and pick clothing that make you feel confident and stylish and that fit your lifestyle.


This post is geared toward the relaxed and “flowy” (my word) look.  This look is so comfortable yet very stylish.  Depending on the pieces you choose you CAN feel like you are wearing your lounge wear, but make no mistake it is not.  You will want to accessorize these pieces with jewelry, scarves, handbags and more.


The good thing about some of these relaxed and “flowy” outfits is that they can hide some of those areas that we are not so fond of on our bodies (whatever those maybe for you) and we all have them.  They are loose fitting and forgiving.  You don’t have to tug at them much throughout the day.  Just relax and enjoy how great you look and feel.



I have several of these outfits in my closet and they are my go-to outfits, especially when I’m going out to dinner.  I know you can find a great go-to relaxed and “flowy” outfit that will work for you.  See some examples below:















Fashion Fridays!

At Lemonade Pink, we are launching our new Fashion Fridays segment,  starting April 22, 2016. We all have girl friends we can go to for fashion advice,  but why not have a backup plan when she can’t be reached?


Let Lemonade Pink and Chevelle’s Style be your go-to site for fashion and style advice. If you have fashion and style questions,  post them to the Lemonade Pink blog site throughout the week and on Fridays, Chevelle will post answers to your questions. It’s as simple as that.  Chevelle is a fashion and style expert with years of fashion consulting experience and will give her advice on the current and upcoming trends.  Don’t be shy. Ask away and remember,  these are her opinions…….given with style and grace.