Fashion Friday!

Summer Feet

I was at the salon this week getting my bimonthly manicure and pedicure when I thought about all of the cute sandals that I want to wear this summer.  As my nail lady massaged my feet and applied a great smelling foot scrub, I realized how important it is to take care of my feet if I want my feet to look good in my summer shoes.




Our feet and hands are just as important as the clothing we wear.  They can make or break an outfit.  There are so many different color combinations and nail art that can give us whatever look we are going for.





We should only wear sandals that fit properly .  Toes should not hang over front of our shoe nor should our heels spill over the back of the shoe.

Toes should be either perfectly polished (no chips) or nail polish free.  If you can’t go to the salon and get a pedicure, you can always do it yourself.


Heels should be pumiced to reduce hard yellow calluses.  Scaly, rough looking heels are a turn off and take away from the look of your shoes.  There are many do it yourself feet scrubs that can be used to give you that smooth, clean look. I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial for the Amope foot pedicure tool.  It’s the one that shaves all of the dead skin from your heels.  I decided to purchase it and try it out. It actually does work.  I was very satisfied with my results.  You can use it on dry or wet skin.  Also, shave the hairs off your toes if it is more than fluff.




Never ever wear hosiery with sandals.  It’s not a good look and it’s hard to walk with your feet sliding because of the hosiery.  Have corns attended to by a podiatrist, if necessary.

Remove toe rings toward the end of the day if your toes have a tendency to swell.


Treat your feet regularly with foot soap if you suffer with ‘smelly feet’.

Pamper yourself with regular pedicures this summer so that your feet will look great in those great summer sandals.

Fashion Friday!

Kitten heels are back

Remember when kitten heels were the thing, then the industry came out with the sky high 5 and 6 inch heels that hardly anyone could walk in but we bought them anyways, just to look “Fashion Forward”?  Some of them had platform bases that were supposed to help you feel like the heel was not so high, but you were still walking around feeling like a female “Herman the Monster”, at least I was.  Well, the industry is going away from those 5 and 6 inch heels.  I guess they realized that women really couldn’t walk in them as much as we tried.


The return of the kitten heels.  The kitten heels are back in style now and some of us are so happy.  Not that we won’t still wear some of the 4 inch (not 5 or 6 inch) heels, but to know that the kitten heel is stylish again is so exciting.  Some of us would like to go out one evening and not have to hurry and get to our seat to rest our feet. With a kitten heel, walking and standing for a long time won’t be a problem and you may not have to bring an extra pair of shoes to put on when you get back to the car (you know you do it).


There are many types of kitten heels.  They come in boots, sandals, pumps and mules.  Embrace the kitten heel again along with your 4 inch heels.  you’ll remember how much you liked them.















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