Fashion Friday!

Festive Holiday Fashions!

I love Holiday time. It’s a time when we all try to dress our best. Whether we’re going to a special event, a friend’s house or just out shopping, we try to dress more festive during this time of year.

We pull out those sparkling shirts or pants. We wear more velvet and pearls. It’s a time when we celebrate whatever our holiday beliefs are, but we do it with style and class.

If you’re in need of some inspiration for your holiday attire, I’ve found many examples for you to emulate.


Fashion Friday!

Plus Size Attire

Plus size clothing has come along way. Designers are finally realizing that plus size women want to look stylish and trendy just like everyone else. More designers are coming out with great looking plus size clothing. The styles are more up to date and are better fitting. As a plus size woman you want to be sure that you are dressing for your body type. Just because the style is available for purchase doesn’t mean you should buy it unless you are sure it will work on your body type. Be honest with yourself. Try things on and look in the mirror, front and back, and be sure that you feel good wearing it. If you’re not comfortable in your clothing, others will notice. Again, know your body type and dress accordingly. Have fun!


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