Fashion Friday!

What type of hangers should I use to hang my clothing?

Great question. There are many types of hangers on the market. Some are good and some are not.  The best hangers for hanging dresses and shirts are wooden, plastic or padded, but they have to be of a specific type.  The wooden hangers need to be thick and rounded on the edges as well as the plastic ones.


Don’t use the wire hangers as they leave rabbit ears on the shoulder of your clothing. You don’t want to walk around with 2 little spikes on your shoulders. If you have a bunch of them, try using them for a DIY project 😃.


Pants can be hung one of two ways. They can be folded over a think hanger, that will not leave a crease in the middle like the wooden hangers above or if you have enough space in your closet you can hang them from a two prong pants hanger.  This eliminates any creasing.  Or you can be creative and hang your jeans from S-hooks as I show in one of my previous blog posts.


You can even find creative ways to hang your scarves.  I have a lot of them so these do come in handy for me.


2068ea704a74afd7e47aea5069ab1e9dYou can find these types of hangers at the container store, Ross, Target, Walmart and many other department stores.  Again, have fun and be creative.

Fashion Friday!

What if you had to wear a white T-shirt for 10 days straight?  Could you?  Not the same white T-shirt of course, but could you style a white T-shirt for 10 days?  Some may think this would be boring, but if you have the right items in your closet, you could do a lot with one.  This item is one of the basics that every woman should have in her closet.  Most women think of throwing it on with jeans or with sweat pants, but you can do so much more, especially if you buy a quality made T-shirt.  That’s the key.  Invest in a high quality White T-shirt.  You can buy some of them at your local discount store for those casual days, but when you want to step it up a notch you should pull out your high quality White T-shirt that you’ve paid a bit more for.  I’ve pulled together ten (10) looks below that show different ways to outfit a white T-shirt.  These are just examples to get you started.  Take what you like and leave the rest.  Get ideas from these examples and add your own touches.

Have Fun:













Fashion Friday!