Masterpiece Monday

🍏  An Apple a Day…

Wednesday Whimsy!

It’s Fall, can’t you feel it in the air?

Shine On 

When it comes to savoring all the colorful beauty that is Autumn,

and as much as I love my home


“F A L L S” short in the Autumn department!


Raised in the West, I’m a girl that loves a good cold snap and a crisp breeze.

In my mind’s eye…I’m sitting on a pumpkin’d porch, snacking on an apple cider donut, and warming my hands with a toasty mug of hot chocolate…


(Sadly in reality it’s 92 degrees and my AC is cranked on.) 

Don’t get me wrong, even though we don’t get the lovely fall weather I will totally be doing that, because there’s something about NOT having an authentic Autumn

that makes me-–(and most other Texans I know)—go overboard for it.

We embrace it wholeheartedly. Enthusiastically we bundle ourselves into boots, sweaters, and scarves, rake up our not-so-colorful leaves into piles, and invoke autumnal smells through candles and pumpkin-spiced everything! 

I may not be blessed to live in Autumn splendor, but there is one blessing of the

season that we all share, and that’s the beauty of the Harvest Moon. The beautiful full moon occurring closest to the autumnal equinox is known as the Harvest Moon.

This  year  the  Harvest  Moon  will  appear  on   Friday  the  13th!

(For you EDT folks that’s Saturday, September 14 at 12:33 a.m.)

Because it shines brightly… back in the days prior to electricity, farm work could continue even after the sun went down. Hence the name Harvest Moon.

As daylight faded, the looming darkness didn’t stop the industrious farmer from

going to work. With only the illumination of the full moon, the farmer toiled

away all night in darkness—accomplishing much. 


Sadly, our world has been shrouded in shadows lately.

It can be overwhelming and daunting.

But we can learn a lesson from the conscientious farmer.


Despite  the  darkness ,  it’s  time  to  go  to  work .


‘Tis  the  season  for  sowers  and  reapers.

We can take a lesson from the moon, too.

Shine  on.

Be  a  spotlight  so  that  darkness can’t  prevail.


Friday the 13th, the Harvest Moon will bestow extra light on the world. 

And if there’s one thing I’m absolutely sure of…

  ALIGHT”  harvest is a bountiful one. 


Oh Harvest Moon so big and bright 

Watch over us this quiet night.


*I’ve linked a favorite song…Harvest Moon. It was written by Neil Young for his wife Pegi Young and she is the one dancing with him in this 1993 video.

(sadly Pegi passed away Jan. 1, 2019 from cancer.)