Summer Chic

🌞Sunshiny days call for a summer makeover…(and I’m not talking the spray tan and swimsuit-camouflage kind.)

Cozy throws and winter colors need to take a vacation! Time to summer-wardrobe our living spaces with bold pops of color!🎨

That doesn’t mean going out and buying new furniture or spending tons of money. I like to incorporate new summer colors through paint to change things up, or simple embellishments like throw pillows, artwork, florals, and even books!

I’m a frugal girl, so my favorite stores are T J Maxx, Tuesday Morning, Hobby Lobby, and online Wayfair.

I like to design on a dime, but truthfully these stores just allow my dimes to go a bit farther. I’m sadly a spender at ❤️.

This year colorful kelly green and all types of pink are my go-to colors. My first venture into gorgeous green was a beautiful lamp. (As fortune would have it my previous lamp shorted out and had the smoke char to prove it 😂) Fortuitous for me, because I went bolder than I usually do, and bought oversized and green! I’m in love with what it does for my room! Lighter, brighter, more contemporary. It was just the facelift my space needed. And it comes in tons of colors for every taste.

As for pinks…pink is a particular favorite of mine. I found this metal flamingo and he can go indoors or outdoors which makes him even more of a treasure. And surprisingly he was from Walmart so the price was just perfect for adding summer-time bling.

I really like a variety of textures in my home, and I found this chenille, almost rug-like pillow at TJ Maxx. My grandma always had chenille bedspreads and chenille bathrobes, and I feel like this pillow keeps her with me.

Silly and simple, but there are no house rules when it comes to decor. So be bold! Pick the brightest color, add the texture, choose the creative piece. If it makes you feel happy just looking at it-just think what seeing it everyday will do.

You don’t find your happy place, you create it!

A few of my favorite things…

*(Spencer Lamp in Leaf-Lamps Plus $129.99 look for coupons) (Flamingo-Walmart $14.88) (Throw Pillow-T J Maxx $19.99)