Fashion Fridays!

Handbag Know-How:

There are so many types, sizes and styles of handbags in the stores and it can be tough sometimes to figure out what to purchase.  You may be one of those people who will wear the same handbag everyday no matter what you’re wearing or you may be the person who changes purses like you change your ………; well anyway.  I’m the latter.  I change handbags on a daily basis, depending on what I’m wearing.  whether you’re like me or not this list will be a great help to you.  These are “do’s” and “don’ts” of sporting your handbag.



Own at least one great quality handbag in a basic color e.g., black or brown.


Make sure your bag works with your proportions.

Carry a bag that is in sync with the style of your outfit and shoes.


Carry a beaded bag with a velvet outfit, not velvet on velvet.


Buy inexpensive ‘in fashion’ bags to stay current.



Over stuff your bag with unnecessary junk.

Carry a bag at the widest part of your body – bust line, waistline, or hip or thigh-line.

Carry a summer style bag with a tailored suit.

Carry a wicker style bag when wearing hosiery. It will only cause snags.

Match a beaded bag with a beaded dress. A satin or velvet bag would work better.

Don’t go into debt over a designer bag unless it is in a classic style.

Team heavy leather bags with lightweight clothing.

Fashion Fridays!

It’s time to “Spring Forward”.  Not only by moving the clock forward one hour, but also by pulling out our spring attire.  One of my first go-to items is the spring dress.  It’s so easy to work with and easy to accessorize.  We should all have at least one go-to dress in our wardrobe.  You know, that one that you can throw on without ironing when you have a last minute engagement?  That one that you can dress up or down with heels or flats?  This summer don’t forget about the tennis shoes.  They’re a hot go-to shoe to wear with your cute summer dress.  I’ve selected a few examples below to get your summer dress ideas flowing:















Fashion Friday!

Enjoy your New year’s Eve party in style. Whether you’re going to a fancy Holiday party, dinner out on the town or a friend’s home, you still want to look your best. Glam it up with sequence, velvet or dress up a pair of jeans. Just have fun.