Play Up Your Assets!!

Accessorizing can be very difficult for some people.  What you want to remember is not to put too much thought into it.  You don’t want your accessories to be too matchy, matchy, (not really a word, but it works). I love accessorizing my outfits.  It is easy to take a simple black dress and add your own flare to it.  Accessories help bring out your personality and they can:

  1.  Create different moods – Accessories can change the mood of your outfit depending on what you add
  2. Dress up or down – Accessories can be dressy or casual
  3. Add your personality – Accessories can show your style choice for the day
  4. Play-up your assets – Accessories can help you to accentuate your assets or play down your perceived faults
  5. Direct Attention – Accessories can direct attention to the area of your outfit that you want noticed the most
  6. Make Fashionable – Accessories can make a simple outfit fashion forward
  7. Have Fun – Accessories can be fun and playful

I was reading Glamour and they were showing how to take several simple outfits and accessorize them in different ways.  I thought it was a perfect example of accessorizing.  The pictures below are from that article.  These are a perfect example of how accessories can change your look.


Picture2 Picture3














As you can see accessories can totally change your look.  Purchase the basic wardrobe staples and add accessories to update the look.  And again, have fun.

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