Fashion Friday!

Sneakers are the ultimate go-anywhere wardrobe staple. They’ll take you everywhere from an aerobics class to the grocery store to the airport. But fashionistas are proving that they’re also a cool piece to wear with dresses. Everything from cute summer sundresses to falls sweater styles and beyond. There are endless sneaker styles in the stores which make it easy for you to find the style that works best for you. What are the pieces you should skip if you’re pairing your dress with sneakers?

First, avoid anything too tight. Instead of body con styles, reach for looser fits. Second, skip super short hemlines. It’s best to stick with anything that’s knee length or below or even styles that hit the ankle are what is being seen on the fashion scene. Full swing dresses are a great way to go as well. Of course you should style your dress and sneakers to fit your personality.  Whether you are a more sporty person or a classy “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” kind of girl, you can pull this look off.  As I always say, have fun with it!


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