Embellish This!

Embellished shoes have been a big trend this summer.  You can’t go anywhere without seeing fur, pearls, embroidery, yarn, emoji’s, etc. on shoes of all types.  It doesn’t matter if the shoe is flat or high heeled, tennis shoes or mules.  You can find embellished ones.




This is a fun trend worn the right way.  Don’t go overboard with the embellishments.  If you have embellishments on your shoes, one other small item is OK, but let that do.  If you add embellishments in too many other places it could be too much.  You don’t want the items to overpower you.  You want them to enhance your look.



Most of these shoes come in pretty bright colors, and some in pastels.  There is something for everyone.  If you like lots of embellishments you can find it.  If you like something simpler, you can find it.



Some of the designer styles are expensive, but you can always find the lesser expensive ones that look similar for a fraction of the price. It all depends on your budget.



As I’ve gotten older, I still love my shoes, but comfort is very important to me as well as style.  I look for both.  They can be the best looking shoes, but If I can’t walk in them or if they hurt my feet just walking around in the store, I won’t buy them no matter how nice they look.  In the past I may have 😦


Because I like a little bit of bling and I’m more into tennis shoes these days, i was excited to find the two together.  Comfort, style and bling…….yes!





Find the embellished shoes that work best for you!


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