She Be Trippin’

🌷Flashback to last years Mother’s Day post…

Lemonade Pink


Recently, I was in the great state of Utah visiting two of my four grown kiddos. The trip was my Mother’s Day gift, and bonus: my son took me out for a yummy brunch to celebrate. Utah being Utah, we were about 5 minutes from breakfast to majestic mountains, and so afterwards we stopped at a landmark site which had a steep hiking trail. I wasn’t exactly hiking-chic in my leggings and cotton dress, but luckily I had donned my converse low-tops, so I decided I was up for a little challenge.


As we tromped up the mountainside, I heard a loud wheezing sound. Was it a wild animal? As my eyes darted around to see where it was coming from, I realized it seemed to be coming from me! Groan. I’ve lately suffered severe sciatica and knee issues, which has rendered me unable to walk normally, or do much…

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