Lucky Charms 


When I was growing up my grandma used to tell me I was born under a lucky star. 🌟 She had me convinced I was the luckiest girl ever, and good fortune did seem to follow me. Only years later did it dawn on me that she was:

A. Possibly biased


B. Most certainly “helping” my luck along by letting me win!


In the game of life (win or lose), in her typical grandma way, she always made me feel like a winner. Her faith in me, in turn made me a believer that plenty of good things were strewn along my path, just waiting for me to swoop down and scoop them up. Older but wiser, I realize I’ve done a lot of scooping all right. However, my harvests haven’t always been what I anticipated…(but then again, you reap what you sow, right?)

pooperscooperdogNow a granny myself, and a bit more jaded, I realize this is also the same grandma who had me out looking for four-leaf clovers the better part of a summer day every time she visited…(hmmm…lucky my fanny!) I think my exuberance (i.e. ADHD), may have been sugar-coated as “luck” in order to keep me happily occupied. I spent lots of time literally rolling in clover!

Oh well, busy hands are happy hands, I always say. And I did have a knack for finding those four-leaf clovers. Which I would then proudly present to her, and she would then press them between the pages of a book, thereby preserving their magic. (The magic is in the leaves, or so I’ve been told…)clover

You can keep your plain-old clover with it’s leaves of three☘ (you know what that meansleave them be.) The four-leaf clover is considered lucky both because  it’s rare and because the four leaves represent faith, hope, love, and luck.🍀

(You notice you have to have the faith and hope before the love and luck kick in? And even with love, you still need luckain’t that always the way?)


Four-leaf clovers are rare. 1 tucked in amongst 10,000 in fact…

Well who in the world had the time or patience for that study? Obviously someone with very bad luck indeed. (If she were still alive my grandma would have volunteered me for sure!)

Which got me to thinkin’ about this LUCK thing…(always a danger zone). I tend to think of luck as a good thing. But luck is a two-way street. It can go either way.

You got your Good luck and you’ve got your Bad luck.

Luck as defined by Merriam-Webster is: The things that happen to a person because of chance, or the accidental way things happen without being planned.

So apparently, we can plan till the cows come home, but life’s gonna roll out as a series of both fortunate and unfortunate events.

It’s all just dumb luck.

OR    IS    IT?


(It’s way more fun if you say it in Keith Morrison’s voice.)

Can life really be that haphazard?

Believe it or not, someone actually wrote a song about a four-leaf clover (from way back in my grandma’s day-go figure!)  that sheds some light on the subject.  It goes like this:

I’m looking over a four-leaf clover that I overlooked before…

One leaf is sunshine,

the second is rain,

third is the roses that grow in the lane…

Old-timey I know…but a lot of profound stuff in that simple verse. So I’m going to break it down to how I see it.


Sometimes we are blessed in life with sunshine all the way. Often we don’t even notice the bright and shiny days till the storm clouds gather on the horizon, and the rain beats down-at which point we really miss those sunny days! It can seem unrelenting, but the rains don’t last forever. And afterwards, new growth and roses blooming in the

Rain and sunshine can be either good or bad— depending on the circumstances. But roses need both in order to blossom.


Which brings me to the overlooking part. We tend to think of life in terms of good and bad days, good and bad times, or even good and bad luck.  Meanwhile we’re completely missing the dailies. You know what I mean. Blessings that just happen. Everyday. And we take them for granted. Like sunshine, for example. And rain. And roses.

Miracles, really. But as it turns out, not really random in the least. It’s all interconnected. All of it. The sunshine, the rain, the roses. Us.

I saved the best part of the song for last:

No need explaining, the one remaining is somebody I adore…I’m looking over a four-leaf clover that I overlooked before.

I have lots of somebodies I adore. Like my grandma, for one.

So maybe…in the end…it’s less about being born under a lucky star, and more about thanking those lucky stars.

 And speaking of stars…while I’m at it, I think I’ll give a shout out heavenward to my grandma too. Just for luck.





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