Lemonade Pink


New year means shiny new pristine 2016 calendar.  And lucky for me, my favorite son-in-law just happened to give me an awesome calendar for Christmas. It’s spiral-bound, opens flat, and thanks to pockets, has a place for everything and everything in its place, and, drum roll please…my favorite part, stickers!  I’m sharpie-challenged so the stickers are a real boon for mapping out my exciting life, which mostly consists of appointments, to-dos, activities, and holidays. And who doesn’t love a good holiday? Thanks to the greeting card folks, every month has its own festive celebration, and everyone is partial to one holiday or another.  In keeping with bucking the tide, my holiday of choice is, and has always been, Groundhog Day.


Most folks pass Groundhog Day by without so much as a blink, indifferent to Pennsylvania’s own Punxsutawney Phil and his weatherman-for-a-day predictions. In 1993, the beloved movie, starring Bill Murray brought…

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