Fashion Fridays!

Today is all about the Maxi dress.  The  Maxi is a staple not only for summer, but for your fall wardrobe as well. They are comfortable, there are many styles and you can dress them up or down. Add a jean jacket a scarf or a statement necklace and earrings.  Wear them with tennis shoes, sandals, pumps or boots.  You can do so much with a Maxi dress.  See examples below.









Lane Bryant





4 thoughts on “Fashion Fridays!

  1. That is awesome counsel! It wouldn’t have occurred to me that something at the bottom would make it look wider but now I see that! Thx-ready to shop! 💛


  2. Great question Kim. Try to wear a maxi that is not so full at the bottom. Wear more of a straight cut rather than lots of gathers. If you have too many gathers and the dress touches the floor, you will feel squatty. Also stay away from loud patterns on the bottom of your maxi because you don’t want that area to stand out. Try adding interesting accessories at the neck area to bring the eye up and balance the bottom half. I hope this helps and thanks for the question.


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