Giving Thanks Today and Everyday

I love this time of year! Gratitude challenges on social media, people finding ways to serve one another, plans and preparations for spending time with loved ones.


To me, Thanksgiving is the kickoff of the perfect holiday trifecta – giving thanks and becoming humble, acknowledging God and the hope He brings (Christmas, Hanukkah), and committing to making ourselves better through change (New Year’s resolutions).


And while I didn’t do any social media gratitude posts this month, I did make a commitment to myself a while back to look for the good around me. To share uplifting thoughts and positivity with those I come into contact. To recognize my blessings and be grateful for my life, my experiences and yes, even my challenges.

My latest favorite quote:




We are all in this together; let’s take time to acknowledge the beauty and love around us. Be grateful for this day and everyday, good or bad, rain or shine. Do random acts of kindness. Be the light that will draw others towards goodness and hope.


Happy Thanksgiving!


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