Take the Loooong Way Home

My oldest daughter and I decided to take a road trip to visit her sister-in-law and attend her baby shower in Midland, TX.  While planning this trip she got the great idea to stop in Waco on the way home to Dallas.  I explained to her that Waco wasn’t on the way home. She made her plea that we hadn’t been to Magnolia Market and that this trip would be the perfect opportunity to do so. Sounded reasonable to me; I love a good road trip. Now we just had to figure out how to make this an enjoyable 5-hour drive, each way, and an extra 2-hour jaunt home with her 7-month old son, my grandson, in tow.

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Friday morning I finished packing while babysitting as my daughter was at work. This day Friday at Mimi’s took on a whole new meaning! Usually we’re rolling around and playing but I had work to do! My grandson did a good job following me around in his walker. I was trying to keep him awake and it worked! Amazingly, shortly after pulling out of the driveway he fell asleep and took a good, long nap. We made it to Midland in record time and spent a wonderful weekend enjoying family and each other’s company.  I had managed to find out the colors of the nursery beforehand and surprised the mom-to-be with one of my homemade quilts. It brings me so much joy to pull off the perfect quilt color combination!  And I nailed it with this one!

Sunday afternoon we said our goodbyes just as nap time rolled around for the babe. It was perfect timing; once again, my grandson fell asleep as we were pulling out of the driveway. He was proving to be the perfect little travel companion! Waco here we come!

There’s nothing like a Texas Sunset

After a good night’s sleep at the Waco Best Western and a decent complimentary hot breakfast we headed straight to Magnolia Market. We knew they had held their “Silobration” that weekend so we thought going first thing Monday would be less crowded. Then we remembered that it was Columbus Day and a school holiday. But who would take their kids to Magnolia Market on a day off of school?  Apparently lots of people!



We were impressed from the start; they used the adjacent lot for free parking.  So many details went into the renovation of this property.  Chip and Joanna Gaines took a dilapidated warehouse and created their marketplace. It’s the perfect spot to find that special something; from T-Shirts to clocks to candles and a whole lot more.  There are several items for sale from episodes of their show, Fixer Upper.  One thing that caught my eye was a metal sign that reads, Today is a Good Day for a Good Day. This definitely went home with me.  I remember watching that episode and loved hearing the quote.  It’s an excellent reminder that each day we can choose how it will turn out.  The place was packed with people so it was difficult to see everything but we managed to come out with a couple of keepsakes.

But it didn’t end there! A smaller outbuilding houses their Silos Baking Co. – home of delicious cupcakes and cookies. Again, this day the lines were down the sidewalk but it was definitely worth the wait! And the best part? They’ve incorporated a big green lawn in the center of their property complete with beanbags, lawn games, balls, jump ropes and even some swings. There is also ample seating in the covered pavilion along with shaded tables near the Bakery. We opted for the lawn and let the little one crawl around and get some energy out while we munched on our delicacies and watched families throwing balls, kids playing and people chatting. Everyone was so friendly and it had a really relaxing vibe and was so enjoyable!

Tucked in the back corner behind the silos is the garden. It happened to sport pumpkins for the season, which were for sale, along with a winding path that lead us through several beds of flowers and veggies. Interspersed among the beds are adorable little fairy gardens. There’s a Seed & Supply Store reminiscent of a country nursery. Here you can find the things to recreate your own fairy garden and items to try your hand at gardening.

Along the back perimeter of the property there are several food trucks if you are in the mood for more than a sweet treat.  We had a couple of more stops to make so we decided to save the food trucks for another day.


Since we’d come this far I figured we might as well do the whole enchilada!  So we headed to Harp Design Co., location of Clint, the woodworking guy, on Fixer Upper.  My friend recently did this tour and was lucky enough to meet Clint and get her pic with him.  Even though he wasn’t there when we were, it was fun to see his wares and ended up with another little something to add to my stash!

It was lunchtime so we took my friend’s recommendation and headed to Schmaltz’s Sandwich Shoppe.  It’s busy with the business lunch crowd so we planned accordingly and got there shortly afterward.  The bread is so good and they toast the sandwich making it taste almost like a Panini.  I figured, when in Schmaltz’s. . . so I ordered the Schmaltz.  It was a really tasty sandwich!  My daughter got the turkey sandwich and loved hers as well.


My grandson was starting to fade after our whirlwind tour but we had one more stop . . . The Waco Suspension Bridge.  It is an iconic landmark of downtown Waco; built in 1870, it was used to cross the Brazos River during the Chisholm Trail cattle drives. Today it serves as a footbridge and is home to many local festivals and events. There’s this story that you can toss tortillas off the bridge and try to get them to land on a concrete installment in the river.  I fully expected to see a tortilla vender, but alas, if you want to try your hand at tortilla flinging you have to bring your own!

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It was definitely a good day for a good day and turned out to be just that. We packed up into the car and my grandson fell asleep as we left downtown Waco. As we started our 2-hour journey we couldn’t help but sing, Take the Long Way Home!  An hour from home we realized we left two favorite baby blankets and a pillow back at the hotel and HAD to go back to get them.  We made a second stop at Magnolia to play lawn Jenga, swing and then stopped at Torchy’s Tacos for dinner before heading back.  We definitely took the loooong way home!



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