Masterpiece Monday


Girl with Death Mask by Frida Kahlo – 1938

The girl is wearing a mask one might see during the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) in Mexico. The Day of the Dead is on November 2nd, where those living commemorate the memory of the dead by celebrating them.

The yellow flower is placed on the graves during the Day of the Dead. We’ve established a theme here, yes? Day of the Dead, celebration, stuff like that?

This little girl appears to be very young; in some analysis of the painting, it is speculated that this is a self-portrait of Kahlo as a child. She wears the mask of the dead and stands alone next to a mask with a horrifying face. She is alone under a moody gray sky with nothing but a flower for the dead.

There is an obvious sadness about this painting because we see a little girl who is not playing with others, being a child, but instead pondering death. – Fiona

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