It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…And It Isn’t Even Halloween!

My daughter and I were Halloween shopping a few weeks back in September-she collects all things macabre-and we were headed to see Pier One’s Halloween line in-store.


As we strolled past the plate glass display windows, we both did a double-take. Not because of the chilling Halloween merchandise. (We’d probably missed that in July.)
It was 90 degrees out (Texas didn’t get the Autumn memo)-not even October 1, and what did we see?  Christmas trees! Christmas plates! Christmas throws! In fact-everything was beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


Oh, no-we groaned. Well maybe it was just Pier One jumping the gun. But no, sadly the very next day I saw a commercial with Christmas music. Then the Hallmark channel, which is a particular cheesy-favorite of mine, was advertising upcoming Christmas movies.

W A I T !

I’m not ready for Christmas merchandise.  I’m not ready for Christmas music. And I’m sure as heck not ready for a marathon of cheesy-Christmas movies.



I haven’t even enjoyed the fall leaves and apple and pumpkin everything yet. What about the first hot chocolate of the season? Or the state fair? Or football? What about the Great Pumpkin and Halloween?  Whose brilliant idea was it to push Christmas forward to September? (A Grinchy-idea for sure!)


Nostalgically, I hark back to my old school days, a more carefree time for sure, but each month was celebrated with different themes and holidays to look forward to. Teachers wove the class lessons, projects, and stories around the particular time of year. Life was lived in the moment-day by day. Sure, we knew that bigger and better holidays lay just around the corner, but we didn’t trade one point-in-time for another.



Now that I have a little grandson and granddaughter I want that for them.  I want there to be surprises. I want there to be joy.  And I want there to be WONDER.  All of these things are part of the stuff of childhood-a time once gone, hard to recapture.


Why oh why does everybody have to fast-track everything? All in the name of profit. It just boggles my mind. The rush, rush pace of jumping ahead to the next thing, so that we’re missing the very thing that’s happening now. That’s no fun.  And we’re being robbed of the pleasure of celebrating each season and holiday with its own traditions and memories to be made. All this marketing strategy doesn’t inspire me to spend more-or consume more-because it’s been crammed in my face for months.  It just makes me that much more determined to slow down, dig my heels in and enjoy the season I’m in.  It strengthens my resolve to simplify. To savor.  To be wise in how I spend my money and time. To be mindful and support those stores that don’t pipe-in Christmas music in October, and display Christmas merchandise prior to me chowing down on my Thanksgiving turkey.


I will say, this push of commercialism is the timeliest gift I could have received. Instead of anticipating what’s ahead, I’m invested in-and harvesting-the blessings of today.

Sentimentality, surprises,  joy, and wonder.

I guess you could say that for me, Christmas came early this year.



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