Bringing the Great Outdoors In

I love autumn and the welcoming change of cooler weather, the feel of crispness in the air, the smell of fireplace smoke, changing leaves, making soups and roasts, and everything apple and pumpkin! I also love that I can go on long walks with my dog, Akina, and not work up a sweat.


Our community has a bunch of magnolia trees growing in a cluster near the tennis courts. While looking for errant tennis balls to throw to Akina, I stumbled upon an interesting find. Magnolia trees produce a most unique seedpod that has a velvety stem and beautiful crimson red seeds.   Once I discovered them I knew I had to come back with a bag and gather up some! Uncovering these beauties ignited a search for more objects to be discovered in nature. Soon my walks were a treasure hunt; I also found large acorns and pinecones along with beautiful gold, red and orange leaves.


I recently got a new dining room table and large decorative bowl; all that was missing was something cool to put in it.  Side note: I’m obsessed with bowls and while I try to contain myself, there are times when I find one that “really speaks to me”. This newest acquisition is exactly that. I loved it the moment I saw it and knew I had to have it.  Now I had something to put in it, but first I had to fulfill my need for sparkle.

A quick trip to the store for glitter spray paint in silver and gold and some old cleaning gloves and I’m in business.

I love the way this brings nature inside and reminds me of walking outdoors with my dog and the sense of discovery. Now when I go on walks I keep my eyes peeled because I never know what I’ll find!

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