Visualize Your Dreams

As another school year starts and the lazy, crazy days of summer fade away; my mind goes back to the excitement of new school supplies, new schedules and new friendships. My youngest is in college and while my days are busy, I found that I was in a rut and looking for renewal.


I realized that I needed focus, a vision. This brought back memories of a good friend showing me her vision board a while back. Googling vision boards brought up quite a few interesting articles on the subject. After delving into the how and why of vision boards, I spend some time reflecting on what I really want to have happen in my life and what brings me true joy.

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Visions boards have been utilized by the famous as a way to draw on the Law of Attraction. The idea is that positive energy will bear action that produces a good outcome. A vision board is a collage of pictures, words or items relating to your dreams and goals or things that just bring you joy. There is a power that comes from visualizing what you really want out of life. So start flipping through your favorite magazines and pulling pages that speak to you. By gathering inspirational images and text of what you love, you’ll see what develops and which direction you want to move toward. If you wish, you can narrow down your collection to focus on specific goals you have in mind or add everything that creates the essence of your dreams.

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Creating the vision board can be kind of intimidating at first glance (gluing something down seems so final!), so I decided to have some fun with it. Mine is a work in progress and will change as life does. Some of the things on my vision board are kind of a “creative bucket list” to be accomplished when time allows. There are also long-term goals that will take course correction, determination and a plan to achieve. Some of my goals appear purely altruistic while others are self-serving.   I wanted to cover all aspects of my life when I thought about the possibilities that await me!  I’ve also left some space to add anything that bubbles up to the surface in the way of future inspiration. It currently hangs over my desk where I can see it often.


In order to keep my vision board in the forefront of my mind, I also took a picture of it and set it as my phone’s screensaver. This way whenever I open my phone my dreams and goals are before my eyes. This came in really handy, as I recently spent two weeks at my Mom’s home caring for her while she recovered from surgery. Time away from my usual routine and family life was in itself a sort of renewal and gave me space to think about what I really want out of life. I was able to include some of these newfound insights onto my board. I’ve already started making changes in my life to fulfill some of my goals and I’m pretty excited about it!

Cinderella said, “the dream that you wish will come true“. – She must have had a vision board!


What would your vision board look like?



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