Fashion Fridays!

Fashion doesn’t always have to be dressy.  There are days when we want a more sporty or comfortable look.  Today I’m featuring Fashions by my daughters, Shena and Shira Pridgett on  Their site to follow on Redbubble is “Doouble Vision”, which features their art on t-shirts, dresses, iphone pads, phone cases, cups, bags, notebooks and more.  Shena and Shira are my 20 year old twin daughters. They love art as  much as I love fashion so why not put the two together?

Below are some pictures of us wearing some of the items you can order from their site.  They also take special orders.

“We Can Do It” art by Shira Pridgett



We Can Do It – with Bat Man on the collar



“Pac-Man” Art by Shena Pridgett



“Untied We Stand” art by Shena Pridgett



Please take a look at

Doouble Vision


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