Back to School in Style

That time has come again; shopping for school clothing.  Whether you are starting high school or college you want to look your best.  You want to stand out in the crowd and be envied for your fashion sense.  Well, most people do anyway.  It can be tough trying to fit in with the crowd when it comes to attire at school, but never fear, I have come to your rescue.  You don’t always have to fit in.  Trends come and go so why not start your own and have your friends wanting to dress like you.    You can stand out on your own and show others how it’s done.  Your clothing should tell a story about you and you want that story to be a good one.

Here are some tips to get you started on your way to starting your own trends:

Use Embellishments.  This is a simple and inexpensive way to update your look.  You can use what you have already or purchase items from your local store.  Just remember, you want the items to update your look, not over power your look.

  • Add rhinestones to jeans and shirts
  • Add fringes to the bottom of skirts and capris.  Fringes are really hot right now.
  • Add flowers or fun pins to your lapel – especially t-shirts
  • Add patches, pens, fabric art, fur or buttons to clothing



Alter your Clothing.  Not everyone knows how to sew, but we usually know someone who can.  Don’t forget your local tailor.  Find one that you feel comfortable with and that does good work.

  • Buy items you like and alter them to fit your body
  • If shirts are too short, but you like the design, add fabric to the bottom of it or layer with a shirt under it.
  • Buy shorts in the boy’s department and make them look feminine by adding feminine touches to them or just wear a feminine shirt with it.
  • Don’t be concerned with whether the item is your “size” or not.  Size is just a number.  You should try items on and let the fit determine what size you should buy.


Use Color to Update your Look.  Using color is one of the easiest ways to update your look, but make sure you don’t go overboard.  You don’t want to look like a clown at the circus.  A “pop” of color can make a big difference in an outfit going from “blah” to “wow”.

  •  If you don’t want to add embellishments to your clothing to update your look, just add color.  Instead of dressing in a monochromatic look, dress using lots of different colors (that go together).




Accessorize.  Accessorizing can be fun. Accessories can really bring out your personality.  You might be someone who likes minimal accessories and that is fine, but it’s what items you choose that make the difference.  You maybe someone who likes to “go bold” and that’s fine as well.  Just be careful not to look like Mr. T.

  • Use jewelry to add to your look, (earrings, necklaces, ankle bracelets, pens).
  • Use your purse as a way of updating your look.  You can purchase inexpensive purses and add cute items to them.
  • Scarves and bandanas can be used on your head as an accessory, around your neck or around your waist.
  • Use a scarf as a watch band if your band breaks.  Just remove the band, cut the scarf to make it as long or wide as you would like and pull it through the watch to form a band.  Tie it in many different ways.  Be creative.
  • Shoes are a big part of accessorizing your outfits.  Make sure they are clean.  It doesn’t matter how much you’ve paid for them.  They must be well kept.



Don’t get caught up on buying outfits.  It is easy to purchase an outfit that looks just

like the mannequin, but is that really you?  If you are unsure about an outfit ask the stylist for help.  You want to remember your style and your occasion when shopping.  Always try items on even if you think it is your size.  Some sizes run different depending on the designer.

  • Ask yourself:  What do I have at home to go with this item?
  • Don’t buy an outfit, if you can’t separate the pieces and wear it with another item.  You won’t get as much use out of it and when you wear it, it will look like the same outfit.
  • Learn to mix and match items you already have to give you a fresh look.

Layer your Clothing.  Layering works for warm or cool seasons.  It just depends on the type of material you are wearing.  Know your fabrics and how you feel in them.


  • Layer with same types of shirts
  • Layer with different types of shirts to add your own personality
  • Layer colors
  • Layer dresses with pants or leggings (looks great on a tall person)
  • Layer with shirts, jackets, sweaters, scarves



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