Dog Days

Time Machine Tuesday 🍋 Why Dog Days? Learn the reason behind the Dog Days season…

Lemonade Pink


Well it’s that time of year again, the hottest of the hot. After the boys of summer have gone-(throwback thanks to Don Henley for that great song!)- we are left with the Dog Days of summer. Sultry temps and hot tempers; a time not fit for man nor beast. (As for me, I am decidedly in the beast category by this time of year.)  So what exactly constitutes a dog day?  Anciently, the Romans and Greeks vary the actual dates a bit, but the common thread is that toasty-hot July and August comprise the “dog days.” Of scriptural significance-(think Noah/Ark)-they span 40 days, and Europeans still refer to these dates as the Time of The Dog. So how did they come up with such a colorful name for this smokin’ hot time of year?  Well actually, the origins are celestial in nature.  In late summer, Sirius, AKA the “Dog Star” which just…

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