He’s Part of Our Clan

As a first time grandma (see my previous article, You Can Call Me Mimi), I never knew just how life changing having grandchildren could be. Sure, my friends gave me glimpses into grandma-hood. They’d show me pictures of their little ones and tell me about all their milestones. I’ve always enjoyed hearing about their grands while hopefully waiting for my day to come. But they didn’t tell me about the overwhelming love that washes over you, as you look into that little face. Nothing can prepare you for it. Really. This little angel from heaven descends upon our family and we are smitten beyond belief.


When our grandson made his entrance into the world, his preciously perfect features enamored us. We marveled at the way he’d try to look around when his mom spoke. Every day we’d discover something new about him and couldn’t wait to share it with the rest of the family. (I’m one of those lucky grandmas that live close enough to be able to see him often.) Thank goodness for social media and facetime! Although I’m sure some of my friends block me at times – I can’t help it! He’s just so stinkin’ cute!


Our grandson is the cutest, smartest and strongest baby we’ve ever seen. He’s setting the bar pretty high for future siblings and cousins. But really, I think that no matter what he does we’d think it was the best because he’s ours.   Just the other day my husband, youngest daughter and I were talking about just how much we love this little guy, and that we had no idea how having him in our family would have such a profound effect on us. The consensus was unanimous – who knew we could love someone so much!?!

“What a marvelous baby we all have!” – Great Grandma Sue

“He makes me so happy!” – Grandmama Jan

One of the best parts of being grandparents is watching our daughter and son-in-law rock parenthood. They are molding their “littles” into an awesome person. By meeting his needs and helping him explore the world he is learning so much. It’s fascinating to see how they parent, what’s important to them, and be available to help out when needed. We’ve discovered he loves water and being outside, he loves dogs and when you sing to him. And if you sing the Bingo dog song to him he’ll stop what he’s doing and focus on you with a big smile.


Being Mimi is pretty awesome! I get the opportunity to love and teach my grandson and expand his circle of trust. As a grandma, I can sit back and enjoy all the good stuff that having a new member of the family involves. I can be back up when life gets crazy and a break is much needed. But most of all I can love this little one with all my heart because he’s part of our clan. And that love is ever expanding. It’s such an incredible feeling to know that there’s so much room in one’s heart.





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