Fashion Fridays!

Selecting the Right Style of Shoe:

The shoe you choose to wear should look in harmony with your outfit as well as the shape and length of your legs.

Open toe shoes should never be worn with hose.  The hose make your feet slide through the front of your shoe, it’s very uncomfortable and it doesn’t look polished. If you just have to wear your hose, then wear a closed toe shoe.

black pumps


Thick soles and heavy stacked heels will make heavy lower legs and thick ankles look thicker and are best replaced with medium to thin soles.

Women with heavy lower legs are also best to avoid stilettos, because they appear to look too heavy for the shoe and very out of proportion.

green pumps

Short women do look good in high heels, but don’t have to wear them to look taller and slimmer. Although I love my heels and I do feel more dressed up when I’m wearing them!

Short women can also wear flats.  Sometimes taller is not what you’re going for and that’s ok.  Where your flats with pride.

black flats

If you are wearing a summer outfit your shoe should be a summer shoe.  Don’t wear a sleeveless sundress with velvet pumps.  They just don’t coordinate well.

The more shoes you have the less you will wear them, so you will not wear them out, but be sure to buy good quality shoes. Quality before Quantity.

Tennis shoes will not work with all outfits, although they are really hot right now. You can be comfortable and stylish at the same time.  Find a stylish loafer.


Happy shoe shopping!

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