Fashion Fridays!

Coming to a Closet This Summer, Tennis Shoes!!

Tennis shoes are very popular right now and should be considered your go-to shoe for casual wear. Not only are they comfortable, there are many styles to choose from; white, leopard print, bright colors,  dark colors and some with bling. Wear them with jeans or your favorite casual dress.







Tennis Shoes!! Comfortable and stylish.

Fashion Friday Question:

Question from “A Texas Broad” – The ladies in my family tend to have broad shoulders, what’s the best type of top or blouse to flatter linebacker shoulders?

Chevelle – I’m top heavy as well and have found that these are the best shirt types for us:

* Shirts that open up your chest and face.
* V-neckline and Round necklines, but no crew necklines as they cover too much of the neck and make you look more broad on top.
* Shirts with soft material that hangs and drapes nicely.
* Tops with gathers and ruching.
* Embellished necklines are great as they draw attention to your neck and face.
* Flared sleeves are great.  They take away from your large shoulders and bust.
* A-line shirts are great because they take away from the shoulder and brings the eye downward.
* Stay away from square necklines and boat necklines.  They make you look wider.
* Don’t go too wild on the prints.  If you wear them, choose small to medium sized.

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