Fashion Fridays!

At Lemonade Pink, we are launching our new Fashion Fridays segment,  starting April 22, 2016. We all have girl friends we can go to for fashion advice,  but why not have a backup plan when she can’t be reached?


Let Lemonade Pink and Chevelle’s Style be your go-to site for fashion and style advice. If you have fashion and style questions,  post them to the Lemonade Pink blog site throughout the week and on Fridays, Chevelle will post answers to your questions. It’s as simple as that.  Chevelle is a fashion and style expert with years of fashion consulting experience and will give her advice on the current and upcoming trends.  Don’t be shy. Ask away and remember,  these are her opinions…….given with style and grace.

5 thoughts on “Fashion Fridays!

  1. Thanks for your question Aricouture. Here are some of the brands that I find most trendy and affordable:
    “Baublebar” has a large variety to choose from
    “Stella & Dot” is well known and has trendy affordable choices
    “Olive + Piper” offers a wide range of trendy, feminine jewelry pieces
    “Jane Stone” has some cute trendy items
    All of these brands have online stores. I hope you find something you like.

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  2. Oh this is a very cool segment! I have a fashion question that I would like to be answered.

    What’s a good jewlery brand that’s trendy and stylish. But also affordable? I want to find quality jewlery but not so expensive and ridiculous in price. If you could help me out, that would be the bomb!😄


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