Are you an Apple or a Pear?

I know, the title sounds like I’m about to give you a recipe for a pie or something, but I’m not! These fruit have nothing to do with cooking, but everything to do with your body type. I speak a lot about dressing for your body type, but it is necessary that you know and understand your type so you will know how to best dress your body. Before you go shopping for that new outfit learn whether you are an apple, pear or some other object. Being compared to an object like an apple or a pear is not always flattering, especially when we carry a few extra pounds that we are trying to lose.  It can be hurtful to stand in front of a mirror and look at our own body flaws trying to determine the body shape, but it is a necessary step.

It is extremely important to determine our body type – first and foremost- as it helps us to visualize a certain shape; then, we choose what to wear to best suit our body shape, making therefore, the most of our body by creating an illusion of a well-balanced figure. Remember, no one has a “perfect” body.

There are 4 body types and I’ll explain each of them below:

Pear Shape:

Pear shape

This is said to be the most common with women. Typically women with pear shaped bodies have a slender face and neck. Shoulders are shapely but also narrow and slope downward. You have a small to medium bust and a well-defined waist, while the lower area- butt, hips, thighs and calves – are comparatively larger holding most of the weight.

Dressing a Pear-Shaped figure:

We have to think about balance. We want to give the appearance of wider shoulders and bigger bust. This will help take the attention off the widest part of the body by bringing the eyes up to your face, neck and waist. So in other words what you need to do is to over play your upper body and give your lower body a slimmer sleeker look.

Do this by using color on top, wide neck lines, accentuate your waste and wear dark colors on the bottom.

Examples of Pear shaped celebrities are Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Alicia Keys.





 Apple shape

You tend to have a softer fuller middle, with full shapely breasts. You have broader shoulders and upper arms with an undefined waist.  You will have thinner hips and thighs and a flatter rear end than most.  When apples gain weight, they have a tendency to gain in the midsection.

Dressing an Apple-Shaped figure:

I am an apple shape. Once I came to grips with it, I had fewer purchases that turned into returns. Balance is always the goal. Our main goal here will be to lengthen or elongate your torso. We want to give the appearance of slimmer shoulders and waist. We need to draw attention away from the tummy, and draw attention to your best attributes which include your much envied breast and legs.  Focusing on your assets and emphasizing your positives will make you look much slimmer, and make for a more confident you.

Other examples of Apple shaped celebrities are Wendy Williams, Sherri Shepherd and Dolly Parton.

black dress with scarf3





Hour Glass Shape:

 Hour glass shape

They have the most proportioned body shape with their shapely shoulders and curvy hips being equal in size. Your bust will be medium to full, and is a much envied asset. Your waist is very defined, while your thighs and bottom are full and curvy as well

Dressing an Hour Glass figure:

If you are one of the ladies who are blessed with an hourglass figure, then you are very fortunate.

Since balance is always our goal, you do not need any help in this area, as the hourglass figure is considered by most to be the ideal female form. Your overall figure is the easiest to dress because most things look great on you. Our goal is to draw attention to your waist and accentuate those feminine curves without adding size to your hips and shoulders.

Examples of Hour Glass celebrities are Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria.


Rectangle Shape:

Rectangle shape

Currently this shape is the “ideal” shape for today’s top models. Your figure is lean and athletic.

You may have a fuller neck and your back is broad. Your shoulders and hips are balanced between a straighter torso with a waist that has little or no curves. There is little difference between measurements of the chest, waist and hips. Your bust is usually small to medium in size and your hips are square and your derriere is flat.  You are blessed with slim long arms and slender lengthy legs. When you gain weight it tends to go to your tummy forming a little pot belly, and your thighs and love handles.

Dressing the Rectangle figure:

Since balance is always our goal, and like the hourglass figure, you do not need any help in this area. So our goal for you is simple. We need to create the appearance of a curvier waist and bottom to enhance your femininity, and draw our focus to your great legs and thighs.

Examples of celebrities with a Rectangle shape are Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz and Kate Middleton



When you dress for your body type, you feel more confident about your look. After you learn your body type, you should check your closet and decide if you are dressing the body you have or the one you wish you had!

In my next post, I will go into more detail about the different styles that should and shouldn’t be worn by each body type so stay tuned in a couple of weeks!

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