You Can Call Me Mimi

So . . . We’re going to be grandparents! As I think of the last few months since the announcement, I can’t help but notice that not only our daughter and son-in-law’s lives have changed but ours as well!


Just the mention of a little one on the way and our whole world has shifted. Following The Bump app and coming up with names that start with the same letter as the fruit, food aversions, looking for the elusive maternity clothes that are actually cute (they don’t exist unless you’re willing to pay an arm and a leg), along with keeping my son-in-law fed because his wife has morning sickness that lasts all day. And all night. And all day. Everyday.

Can someone really survive only on fruit snacks? (well, it says there’s real fruit in there) Luckily for them we live around the corner so a meal is only a minute away. Luckily for my daughter we have several bathrooms, since she’s been camped out in them non-stop. (As reigning Barf Champion, she claims to have thrown up in every one – not a title I’d aspire to! Poor girl!)


Sonograms, tests, more sonograms and yes, a BOY will be coming to our family! (I’m glad the tech know’s what she’s doing, because we can’t see a thing!)


Now the gathering and preparations begin.

Finding deals on Facebook garage sale sites, picking out paint colors for his nursery and fabric for his handmade quilt, and creating matching furniture with our newfound love, Annie Sloane’s Chalk Paint. Then the work begins.

Meanwhile the long discussions about what this little boy will be called ensue. Everyone is looking for the perfect name . . .

Well, these names are out . . . we want OUR baby to have a unique name.

I think of all this fuss for a little being that was no bigger than grape. I am amazed at the love that wells up in my heart for him, the way his parents-to-be are so protective, the attention from friends and family members, the anticipation of his arrival, wondering whom he’ll look like, and, of course, if he’ll be healthy and strong. I wonder if he knows just how much he is loved?






Luckily for us we live around the corner so when the big day comes and he finally arrives we’re only a minute away!

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